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Theses available on FreedomBox
« il: Dom 11 Marzo, 18:14:04 - 2018 »
The Internet is being revolutionized by the interest-based data exchange within social communities. Billions of users in free online social networks (OSNs) are producing staggering volumes of data: Every 60 seconds on Facebook 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated and 136,000 photos are uploaded. Every 60 seconds, Twitter receives more than 455,000 tweets.

Numerous incidents indicate that free centralized services cannot be trusted to safeguard sensitive OSN data. Concentrating the personal data of hundreds of millions of users under a single administrative domain leaves users vulnerable to large-scale privacy violations via inadvertent disclosures and malicious attacks. Furthermore, OSN terms of service often give the provider the right to reuse users' data in any way the provider sees fit.

FreedomBox is a software system that powers an ultra-secure personal server built to act as a protective shield between you and the public internet. To that end, it couples a free software system with always-on, inexpensive, and power-efficient hardware about the size of a pocket dictionary. The hardware is a single-board computer that costs about 60 USD and offers the computing power of a smart phone. The software is a free and open source system available for download at no cost preloaded with many useful apps and tools designed to protect our freedom, privacy, and user rights.

Right out of the box, you can connect to the internet via your FreedomBox because it functions as a Wi-Fi access point. In addition, FreedomBox also comes with numerous apps and services built-in, such as a fully private browser, encrypted messaging, voice calls, a privacy-defending VPN, an ad-blocker, an address book, calendering, and a blogging platform. As a private server, FreedomBox securely hosts all of your data and protects against data mining, surveillance, and cyberattacks.

FreedomBox is a very important first step towards regaining control of our private data. As with any other open-source project, FreedomBox relies on our active involvement. The implementation of privacy preserving algorithms for secure information exchange is an important direction for future work. One such approach is to provide secure and privacy-preserving data dissemination
by leveraging a distributed, Internet-wide peer-to-peer overlay network designed to allow anonymized and cencorship resistant publication and distribution of information.

For info and theses about FreedomBox, please contact Ioannis Chatzigiannakis <>.

Further reading:


2. Eben Moglen,
Professor of law and legal history at Columbia University,
founder of FreedomBox.

Talk at LibrePlanet’s 2017 conference:


4. "Robust overlays for privacy-preserving data dissemination over a social graph" by Abhishek Singh, Guido Urdaneta, Maarten van Steen and Roman Vitenberg. 32nd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2012.
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